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Dec 11, 2012 11:00am PST
and transportation builders association and its 24th meeting in washington, d.c. gave the city and parkway the project of the year award as or because of the outstanding contributions to the advancement of public, private partnerships. and we all need to be aware of and proud of. the project was the first public partnership in the state of california, based on availability payments. in a way it was a leap of faith for the folks approving the project and in many ways it was not. because we did a tremendous amount of work to assure everyone, starting with this board that this was a, it was a great thing put passed and braise the trails of the future that will give us cost certainty and schedule certainty and we looking forward to that. i am looking to 2013 which i promise that i will attend and i am looking forward to the budget report at that point which i think will show that we are right that this is a good way to deliver complex projects and assure the public that the money will be spent according to the budget without over runs. the other big piece of news i think in the last couple of
Dec 23, 2012 12:00pm EST
noche de 6 síntomas del resfrío y la gripe. . . continÚando cobn n enfoque des w washington d.c. sobre el ases a asesinato de veinte niÑos en v newtown, esto ha reahabilitarero erto el tema de control de armas. >>vamos con anotntonio villar s villarraigosa, muchas gracias, alcalde por estar con nosotoros. usted ha dicho que es importante cmabambiar las leyes en cuant o control de armas >>es cierto, tenemos que cambiar las leyes, tratar de educar a nuestros joveÓvenes de esta cula de violencia que tenemos en e estados unidos tenemos que pr e proveer servicio mental. tambiÉn fortalecer la ley de c n control de amrmas >>hay egente que dice que ya ha un sinnumero de leyes para co controlar las amrras, mas, qu l lals son respsetadetadas por los busn californiat enemos prohibicion d de armas de asalto, pero no en a arizona, entonces pudeedes co r comprarlo en arizona y llevarlo a california, entonces necesi m necesitamos una ley federal de porhib porhi prohibicion de armas de asalto. tambiÉn puede ir y comprar priapriaiv privadamente, y no tienes que a hacer una certificcioacio
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am EST
on probation in washington, d.c. is back at local history with a new book on the potomac river, a history and guide. what does the potomac river start and end of? >> it is near davis west virginia, a tiny little trickle that comes out of the side of the mountain and then it ends at point a look at which is 11 miles wide. the river is pretty wide at the mouth in between there's a huge amount of history. hundreds of historic sites. this is where our nation grew up on. it also has to nation's capital on it spent when we think about washington, d.c. we think about the national monument and the white house. and people think about the potomac river. why is it? >> when people think about washington, d.c. they think about -- why is that? >> certain people think about the potomac river, that's one of the things i was going to push towards, especially for people who live in the washington area, the potomac as interesting as an obstacle during the commute to work everyday because they're driving over it or going under it on the subway. i wanted to stress we have this incredible natural resource righ
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
of possession of such a magazine. >>> president barack obama is headed back to washington d.c. and just six days remain before our country goes over the fiscal cliff. here is more from our washington d.c. newsroom. >> reporter: brian is congress does not act taxes will go up on all americans next tuesday. they are scheduled to get back to work for tomorrow morning which is when president barack obama's flight returns from hawaii but many are pest mystic he will reach -- pessimist particular they will reach the deadline. it is the republican controlled householding out. house speaker john boehner wants increase for those making only 1 million a year. they say it's more likely we will go over the cliff than not. >> if we allow that to happen it will be the most colossal consequential act of congressional you are responsibility in a long time. >> reporter: some republicans are saying president barack obama will actually get his way if a fiscal cliff is not reached before the deadline, kyle la campbell, washington d.c. newsroom. >>> and in general delegations are not as crowded as the first ones. as
Dec 13, 2012 8:00am PST
watching the trenches of this trust just getting deeper in washington, d.c. as negotiations sputter along? and can the two sides actually bridge a compromise on this to show that they can move washington, d.c. forward, or does this type of negotiation just exacerbate the cathasm. >> i think if they sit down, they can reach an agreement but the question is ask john boehner take any agreement to his caucus and be assured that they're going to support it. and the president can't make commits until he has some assurance that whatever speaker boehner negotiates with him is something he can about accomplishing with his caucus. and we don't seem to be there, because, you know, the real issue, i don't think is between john boehner and president obama. i think the real issue is between john boehner and the frag aremented caucus that he's trying to lead. and i feel sorry for john boehner in so many eways. he's literally between a rock and a hard place but he's got to resolve it as representative pelosi said as speaker. he's got a responsibility to provide leadership and resolve this within his own
Dec 18, 2012 8:00am PST
turn it into politics. and that is what appears to be the case right now in washington, d.c. >> but, sir, politics have a huge influence in this, as we look at the nra which is large lobbying group for gun manufacturers that has supported -- they support you. you have an "a" rating from them. you have voted yes on promoting gun sellers and manufacturers. and yes on the waiting periods taking waiting periods from 72 hours to one day yes on a trigger lock law in washington, d.c. how can you say politics are not involved with this when you look at a voting record right there. the nra gives you an "a" in allowing for people like an adam lanza to have access to the weapons he might have had. his mother might have had it legally, but we cannot police what his mother is doing inside that house to keep lanza away from those weapons. >> yes, and none of the policy issues which you just ticked off would have prevented adam lanza from doing this. and it is very sad that we want to cloud the issue by making nra the policy, as opposed to adam lan za and what triggers this. think of germany, germ
Dec 31, 2012 5:30am PST
in washington d.c. -- washington, d.c., and senate majority leader comes to the microphones to send everyone home until early monday morning, no deal imminent. the mother is still significant difference, but negotiations->> -- >> there is still significant difference, but negotiations continue. >> republicans sought late-day changes to social security in return for tax hikes on the rich. >> the consequences for this are too high for the american people to be engaged in a political messaging campaign. >> the social security move was met with this belief by democrats. so much so, they have no answer to it. >> at this stage, i do not have a counter offer. >> an attempt to broker a deal came up from as high as the vice president. of twoconfident that one things are going to happen when it comes to the fiscal clip. number one, we will see an agreement in the next 48 hours, in which case, middle-class taxes will not go up. if that does not happen, then democrats in the senate will put a bill on the floor of the senate and republicans will have to decide if they are going to block it, which will me
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
in the nation and $3 billion more than washington d.c. so what is it about fairfax county that makes it so attractive? dulles airport. the international airport provides easy access to washington on its highway. dulles airport also provides connections to both international and national markets, but if funding drops out accident buildings will go the interest -- out, buildings will go empty and commercial property taxes which fuel the county's economy will decline. >> we want bailed approach to help us get out of this -- a balanced approach to help us get out of this, but it will have a significant impact on fairfax county if congress does nothing. >> didn't know dulles airport was such a big deal and remember, the biggest expenditure for fairfax and other counties around here, the school budget. less money for the county, less money for schools. >>> as part of our continuing effort to hold elected officials accountable for what does or does not happen before the january 1st deadline, we're inviting our local lawmakers to be live with us on the air. tonight at 7:00 i'll be joined by maryl
FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
.com and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. the o'reilly factor is on from washington. tonight. >> the fight against foreign control of our european people around the world can only succeed if we free ourselves first. in the zionist. >> god said that the white race is a race of devils i didn't say this. i just believe it because of their actions. >> bill: hate speech in america we are naming names because we have had enough of this. >> i believe the nra is the new kkk. >> you are still calling it a holiday tree? not a christmas tree? >> that's correct. pluck building and i'm respectful of all the taxpayers that might not be christian. >> "newsweek" magazine says the good guys have finally won the war on christmas. that's not exactly true. the yes tonight why have some christian leaders silent when their faith is attacked. >> is that a joint mask looks like a quarter pounder. >> bill: now that marijuana is legal in washington and colorado, do you feel safer on the road? what about people who drug and drive in those states?
FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 8:00pm PST
what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. the o'reilly factor is on from washington. tonight. >> the fight against foreign control of our european people around the world can only succeed if we free ourselves first. in the zionist. >> god said that the white race is a race of devils i didn't say this. i just believe it because of their actions. >> bill: hate speech in america we are naming names because we have had enough of this. >> i believe the nra is the new kkk. >> you are still calling it a holiday tree? not a christmas tree? >> that's correct. pluck building and i'm respectful of all the taxpayers that might not be christian. >> "newsweek" magazine says the good guys have finally won the war on christmas. that's not exactly true. the yes tonight why have some christian leaders silent when their faith is attacked. >> is that a joint mask looks like a quarter pounder. >> bill: now that marijuana is legal in washington and colorado, do you feel safer on the road? what about people who drug and drive in those states? >> am i dri
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
surprised at all that you are at home in oklahoma right now and not in washington, d.c.? >> i'm going to be on an airplane tomorrow headed back. i think there is still a chance to get something done. these deals usually come together at the last moment. that's what happened at the budget and the debt ceiling deal and that will happen again. >> why are you cautiously optimistic when everyone said we are going to go over the cliff? >> to paraphrase ronald reagan, there is so much manure around here, there has to be a pony someplace. common sense takes over and nobody wants the taxes on 98% of the american people to go up. i think we can act quickly to take care of that and wish we have done so several weeks ago. at the last moment, the way they theses normally happen this can happen again. we have to put egos aside and putting the interest of the american people first. >> the house gop has a conference call. what do you expect to hear on the call. do you think other members will follow your lead and head back to washington without prodding from the leadership? >> i don't know about that
Comedy Central
Dec 6, 2012 11:30pm PST
. >> i'm the general manager at the madame in washington d.c.. >> as a child did you dream of turning people slowly in a circle. >> oh, it burns! >> i did it. my work was done. i sat, then the artists got to work. while they attempted to reproduce my waxy pallor i headed to the museum in washington d.c. to check out my future wax companions. my guide was an incredibly life like dan ragosky. (laughter) we should get going. >> come this way. >> we started with a history of the museum. >> is it tussaud. >> why so french? >> she was a french woman. >> okay, but you're in america now, why not change the name to mamma doesy's house of candles. >> it has been around for 200 years. >> okay, all right. then it was off to the hall of celebrities. >> so this is all wax. >> that's correct. >> i know what i'm doing here. i'm not just some ham ture coming here and licking wax figurines. >> you may not lick them. >> let's move on. this is tiger woods. >> this is senator jackson. >> okayment i didn't recognize him because this is the longest i have ever seen him go without screaming the word [bleep].
Dec 22, 2012 4:00pm EST
venue. the queen mary, of course. [laughter] let's begin. it's dawn on inauguration day in washington d.c. a huge amount of people gathered on the washington mall. 2009 it was all away from the capital of a way to the lincoln memorial. we just lost our picture. there we go. and they are there, of course, for the inauguration. people gathered to watch in other places as well. in times square in new york city, classrooms around the country, paris, barack, afghanistan, people are watching the u.s. presidential inauguration. they have all come there. there is a big crowd of a mall. of going to speak to you today about this great historic subject to my great american institution the end of not -- i'm going to do it in the same way in which i organize the book rather, the book is not chronological, it's not divided up. this touch of a george washington in mid john adams and went to the president in order. instead is divided up by the various parts of the day. within each part of the day i sprinkle in vignettes. some of them very serious, some of them, of course, very traditional command a lot o
Dec 9, 2012 12:00am EST
is a published poet. he took his first trip to washington d.c. on and on our flight. next, i want to tell you about joe. he is gone -- he is accompanied today by his wife terese. many of you no joke, but you might not know why. his picture was taken in 1945 for the "life magazine." it was called the human skeleton, weighing only 70 pounds. his photograph became one of the most iconic images of world war two. it is only fitting that today is joe's 87th birthday. [applause] gio and julian's stories have been submitted to the veterans history project at the library of congress. for years and years, researchers and documentarian's can use those stories for their future projects. these two men represent a less than 2 million world war ii veterans living today, men and women who fought all across the world to defend and protect not only our country from harm, but something much more fundamental, our freedom. freedom is this big lofty ideal, it is a word used a lot in washington, d.c., but i wonder if it has lost its potency. when joe was liberated, there was another p.o.w. in the caught right next
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 11:00am EST
markets are sitting on washington, d.c.'s next move and whether lawmakers can deliver an answer towards the fiscal crisis. we will focus on the oil market. that is next. first, let's take a look at the world currencies and how they are faring against the u.s. dollar. ♪ liz: we have breaking news. you are looking at a live picture on your screen right now. air force one just landing in washington, d.c. as president obama returns to the nation's capital. he cut short his hawaiian vacation. oil prices jumping nearly 3% since christmas time as fiscal cliff worries shake the commodities market. joining us now president of lipow associates. >> i think it is waiting on congress to do something. in the meantime, we have seen the dollar weakened against the euro. liz: we have gas around $3.25. what if we go over the fiscal cliff? >> if that is the case, i see us going down to about $2.10. liz: if we go to $82 a barrel, what will the forecast before june and july? in the past, the nation has gone through some kind of panic attack expecting five dollars for a gallon of gas. >> i do not see five
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm PST
to match it. the spartans head coach in washington, d.c. against bowling green in red. up top, to kyle nunn. oh, the scouts are gonna love that. 7-0, spartans. third quarter, san jose state down 13-10. it's a punt. goes to the end zone. it's a 1-point bowling green lead. later, in the 3rd, it's fales going to work. a simple pass. oh, that is chandler jones. touchdown spartans. 4th quarter, a score from john pettigrew. so the falcons went back up by one point. but too much time left. spartans rally. they get a field goal to retake the lead. then they put it away with de'leon eskridge. that is it. san jose state, they get to 11- and-2. they win 29-20. >>> hey, the 49ers announced today that defensive tackle justin smith has a torn left tricep and a bone spur in his elbow. they hope there is a chance that he could join them in the play-offs. >>> the raiders placed tackle seymour on injured reserve with knee and hamstring problems. he had missed the last seven games. he may have played his last game with the radars, because the 33-year-old is set to be a free agent after this year. >>> and now
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm PST
in washington, d.c., where his mom, leticia, used to be frustrated there were no teacher involveses. >> parents would say this teacher they didn't think there was a good teacher but you didn't have an idea why. they weren't evaluated and there wasn't anything for to us determine why. >> reporter: test scores here ranked among the worst in the nation, even though the district was spending more per pupil than large u.s. cities, almost $13,000 per student. but in 2009, washington, d.c. became first in the nation to tie teacher salaries to student test scores under a program called "impact." teachers rated highly effective can get annual bonuses up to $25,000 if they stay at that achievement level for two straight years, they can also get a base salary increase of $20,000. a highly effective teacher can earn $76,000, the first year, and reach $131,000 in just nine years. less effective teachers earn 51,000 to start and are fired if they get poor involveses for two straight years. this year, 98 teachers were fired for poor performance. but nathan saunders, president of the washington teachers union,
Dec 31, 2012 2:00am PST
. all right, thanks. >>> the new year's countdown in washington, d.c. is about spend urge money as we await the outcome of the fiscal cliff negotiations. on the positive side you won be seeing $8 a gallon for milk because congress gave a one year extension for the farm bill. those who love your 75 watt light bulbs stock up while supplies last. new federal laws prohibit them to be import order produced in 2013. the tribune company announced it's emerging from bankruptcy with new ownership and new board of directors and forbes has compiled a list of new york's resolution that successful people make and actually keep. among them plan vacations now. wake up to the essentials first, check e-mail second. support a cause. find your purpose and go for it. go for it. new year's day marks the 150th anniversary of emancipation proclamation. the document is once again on display. ron mott has details. >> reporter: showing its age the emancipation proclamation still draws attention. >> it's amazing to see abraham lincoln's signature. >> reporter: today the frail order consigned to history on janua
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
8 in california. we will go to alison burns in the washington d.c. bureau with the latest on the waiting game. alison? >> reporter: claudine, we could get word about more of the cases it will consider this term. now the justices met again behind closed doors to continue talking about a number of challenges to gay marriage laws. among them, california's proposition 8. >> the supporters of prop 8 are hoping they wouldn't review prop 8 and it would take hold legalizing same-sex marriage in california and marriages could begin almost immediately. the court is also considering a number of changele-of challenges. we should tell you no news doesn't mean much. we have to wait until the court releases its next set of orders on monday. if we don't hear anything on monday, then the wait gets a little longer. we have to wait until january. reporting live, from washington d.c., alison burns. ktvu news. >>> well, a radio stunt by a pair of shock jocks took a tragic turn this morning. the nurse revealed confidential information has apparently committed suicide. tara moriarty has more. we
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
to be able to go to the rose bowl. >> there is stanford on new year's day at december 27th, washington d.c. san jose state. 10-2. but unfortunately, their orange grove 3,000 mi. away. difficult for their they are fresh-12 have to go 3,000 mi. away to play a bit american team. when you have not been to a bowl game since 20 06, good for them. something called the military ripple will welcome the spartans . ifthe san jose state spartan football team, led by coach mike macintyre, accepted an invitation to play in the military bowl on december 27th in washington d.c. played at rfk stadium. the 25th ranked spartans finished the season 10-2 in earning their first bowl appearance since 2006. a win in the military bowl would give san jose state it's first 11 win season in school history. the spartans opponent has not yet been determined. >> the raiders suspended linebacker rolando mcclain two games for "conduct detrimental to the team" the two game suspension will cost the 2010 first round pick $114,000 in salary. mcclain was kicked out of practice wednesday and thursday and coach dennis allen sai
Dec 24, 2012 4:00am EST
control laws. there were demonstrations outside a gun shop in a washington, d.c., suburb. >> to allow these guns for no other purpose than to murder and slautder innocent people and children is insane. >> it's made it one of the hottest selling items of this christmas. >> two weeks ago you could have bought one gun for, you know, $1,400. now it's $2500, $2,700. >> the debate is just as heated here on capitol hill. the nra says it will fight any new restrictions. >> what every mom and dad will make them feel better, when they drop their kid off at school in january is if we have a police officer in that school. >> the reaction to that plan is mixed among parents we spoke with. >> i think any effort to protect our children is with it. >> no, no, we do not want people with guns in our school. >> senator dianne feinstein plans to present a bill banning assault weapons when they reconvene. there was a ban in place from 1994 until 2004. >> it hasn't worked. dianne feinstein had her ban and columbine occurred. >> others point out there was also an armed guard at columbine. now, rather than c
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm PST
on? >> it's washington, d.c. nothing is as it appears. we6 classic kabuki theater going on here, toree. the president, jovial, said they were close to a deal. that joe biden, the negotiations with mitch mcconnell essentially borne fruit. republicans annoyed with that. the tax threshold, that's agreed upon. republicans agree, too. what about this sequester? supposed to be the trigger, supposed to be the apocalyptic scenario that made cuts in spending necessary. otherwise we go over the cliff and there are cuts to defense and domestic programs. the president wants to delay them two months, three yearmonta year. many republicans say, absolutely not. many were angry he chose to have a campaign-style event in the white house complex. mitch mcconnell took the floor of the senate and pretty much calling the president's bluff saying, yes, we have an agreement on taxes. let's go ahead and vote on that. leave the sequester the way it is. that's not going to fly. we have an impasse here. there have been reports that the house of representatives to take whatever passes the senate if somethi
Dec 29, 2012 1:00pm EST
of congress and washington d.c. >> earlier this year walter dean myers was named as the third national ambassador for and people's literature this is a non-profit arm, every child a reader. the notion of the national ambassador would be someone who traveled the country on behalf of young people's literature promoting it and also expanding the audience for reading in every way that we can think of. my proper today you already have . on the table in the back there is a bookmark which has walters photo and also a brief explanation of the national ambassador program. it lasts for two years. walter is midway through his 2-year term speaking on behalf of reading. today we're going to learn a little bit about his experience, but i would like to start by asking him how he chose his particular theme for his activity, which is reading is not optional. walter, do you want to tell us a little bit about how that came to be your team and a little bit about -- i happen to know it is his own early background that helped lead to this. >> as i began speaking to young people and how we approach them with
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
back at 2008 and the court decision at that time regarding washington, d.c.'s gun control law, how might that decision come into play if at all. >> it's going to in some way. in a very narrow sense what the supreme court decision stands for is a very important thing. for the first time in american history the supreme court defined the second amendment. it said it does apply to an individual right to own a gun but it stands only for the constitutional right to possess a handgun in the home for self-defense. it doesn't say anything about guns on the streets, although other lower courts are beginning to chew on that question and it may be coming to the supreme court. but in general gun legislation has pretty much withstood the supreme court decision. it says possession by certain can be banned, it's not a get out of jail free card for anybody who opposes gun legislation. >> pete williams, thank you so much for that perspective for us there in washington, d.c. >> let's bring in our panel to talk more about the politics of this heated debate. jake, start with you. you work on the hill a
FOX Business
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm EST
with us. in the "moneyline" tonight, a stalemate in washington d.c. wall street's back today. the balance squeaking out of four. gain. s&p up less than a point, nasdaq slipping lower on the day. volume on the big board slightly heavier than usual. all the major indexes finished higher for the month. down 71 points. s&p and nasdaq both ended higher. the three biggest winners for the month, cisco systems up to nine 1/4%. home depot, bank of america, both of just above 6%. aaa now urging the environmental protection agency to halt the sales of gas with directional concentrations arguing the fuel blend known as e 15 with an additional 5% ethanol cause engine damage but that is not covered by most car warranties. the epa says cars made after the 2000's one mall can handle that fuel brand. triple late shows 95 percent of cars made before 2012 will not. up next, president obama meeting with everyone about the fiscal cliff, everyone except for the leaders in washington d.c. for the republican party. we will share our list of people that the president might also want to think about sitting down wi
FOX Business
Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm EST
. joining us now from washington, d.c., a conservative advocacy group, president of the media research center. you are lined up with president president obama on this one. >> i am lined up with ronald reagan on this one. this is an awful policy. the reason there is disarray is because everybody knows it is awful policy. they have painted themselves into a corner, it is their fault, of the speakers making, and now he is telling his congress they have to support a tax increase, which is analogous to cutting their own throats politically. lou: the all-time animal on tax increases, and republicans for tax reform, grover norquist says go for it. chamber of commerce, conservative business group, they even say go for it. they understanunderstan d it is not the perfect solution, but it is compromise and this is politics. >> 30 other conservative organizations, all of whom signed off on the opposition to this saying this is terrible policy, this corrects nothing, this is a tax increase in what we need to be focusing on spending cuts every single person in town knows. lou: in all due respect, i
Dec 20, 2012 10:00am EST
problem in washington, d.c., not rieff knew problem. republican today are going to be -- we are never going to get our deficit under control. and we're going to never get our debt under control. and that's clearly the facts of the matter. again, you're right on jobs. why we're not talking about jobs. what i believe and what most americans believe is it's not washington that creates job. they actually get in the way. small business men and women who are being harmed by these tax increases are the ones that create most of the jobs in a growing economy. host: this tweet for you, congressman. guest: i think every candidate running for office said i am not going to washington to get along. i am going to stand up for principles. that is to me and to most of my constituents what's wrong with washington. we didn't come up here to vote as a block. i didn't come up here to vote as a republican. i have my principles. sometimes republicans don't stand for those and oftentimes democrats do not. if enough members of congress say, hey, we're going to solve this problem, and we can work together, but
Dec 16, 2012 7:00am EST
. back in 1968, when washington, d.c. exploded with riots and whenever, the first sent in the national guard, who could not handle it. president johnson called in the second airborne. the story is that he put a trooper at every door in the schools. one trooper for the whole school. i went to eastern high school, it was a very large school. i walked out that day and the trooper was standing there in full combat gear. flak jacket, gloves, the whole works. he had a fixed bayonet. there was no trouble in the whole school because of that one airborne. now, the fire is already raging out here. we are awash in guns. my solution to the problem, i am nervous, but my solution to the problem is that we are going to have to arm neighborhood militias. we have to protect the most innocent of the innocent. you do not get in there and start talking about gun control on capitol hill, they will not do anything. we need to arm the neighborhood citizens who are capable of handling these automatic weapons. let the criminal element and mental element know that if they walk into a school, a 50% of a chance t
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